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Uptempo Offense Concepts & Drills Packet


Learn how to create a team that truly plays uptempo offense. In this four-part packet, you’ll find concepts and drills that will get your players playing smarter and faster right away. (Download link is good for 7 days after purchase.)

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In this four-part packet, you’ll learn what uptempo offense truly is and how to get your players to play harder and smarter right away. I know what it’s like playing a team that is more aggressive or has better athletes than you do. I quickly tired of not being ready to take those teams for four quarters. That’s when I decided to teach my players how to play uptempo basketball. It’s a way of thinking that is instilled through drills, communication, and buy-in from every coach and player in the program. I lay everything out for you in the Uptempo Basketball Concepts and Drills Packet.

  1. Uptempo At Its Core
  2. Uptempo Decision-Making Zones
  3. Uptempo Enhancement Keys
  4. Uptempo Drills To Play Fast (16 drills)
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Uptempo At Its Core
Full Court Drill