The Best Kept Secret That's Helping Coaches Win More Games

Do you need more than a couple of snippets from social media? What about practice plans, scouting reports templates, parent meetings, team building ideas? Find it all inside the Coaching Lab: plays, drills, strategies, special situations, team building and more.

What's the biggest difference between coaches who win a lot of games and those that don't?

  • Coaches who win have a plan for every phase of the game - offense, defense, transition, scouting, practices, out of bounds plays, after timeout plays, etc.
  • Coaches who win develop their players by using new drills, learning new coaching techniques, and discovering ways to motivate their team.
  • Coaches who win know their teams strengths and weaknesses and have a strategy that fits their team on offense and defense..

The problem is that most coaches only know what they learned as a player so their drill library is limited. They get stuck in the "this is what my coach did" mindset and really don't know what other offensive and defensive options are out there. With limited knowledge they never create a plan for success. Here's the crazy part... it doesn't have to be this way!

Think of all the time you put into being a coach - practices, games, traveling, just plain thinking about basketball - the last thing you want to do is lose. If I'm putting in that much time into anything I better be good at it, and in basketball that means winning games. And that's why the Coaching Lab exists.

What if I told you the Coaching Lab would...

  • help you improve your players skills and understanding so your they can compete at a higher level.
  • teach you new offensive and defense systems and strategies to give your team an edge.
  • give you confidence knowing every minute you spend on basketball is a minute you, your players and your team are getting better.

I Know, That Sounds Awesome!

Introducing The Coaching Lab

"Hey, picture this: in basketball, each player, team, and even the coach has unique needs to get better. That's where The Coaching Lab comes in. It's like a special hub where coaches can discover, learn, and apply strategies that fit their players and team perfectly. The result? More wins! When a coach improves their skills, the team's performance goes up too. It's like having a secret formula for success that makes the whole team shine on the court.

Benefits of The Coaching Lab

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Deep dive into specific strategies and concepts.


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Hey There, I'm Coach Matt Dennis...

Coach Matt Dennis

I'm the varsity boys basketball coach at Otsego High School in Michigan. I love coaching my team and working to build my entire program. This means I need to understand and have resources for every level of my program: youth to varsity. And you'll find everything I've put together, built, used, and given to my coaches and players inside the Lab.

I'm also a basketball junkie. I love to learn about the game - even if I don't use it all with my team. This has led me to create what I believe is the best and most complete basketball coaching resource library out there. Coaching is so much more than just building skills, or just drawing up plays, its team building , scouting, planning, running camps, shooting, and the list could go on and on. You'll find everything (and I mean everything) you need to be a successful coach inside the Coaching Lab.

Just A Few Resources You'll Have Access To: 

There are way too many resources to list in this small space. Here are some of the most popular areas coaches visit. Just be sure not to limit the Coaching Lab. See everything by CLICKING HERE.

Building Better Shooters Course

Discover the #1 Mistake that holds players back.

Force Baseline Defense Course

A comprehensive guide to disrupting offenses.

How To Run A 🏀 Camp Course

Get more kids. Raise more money.  Make camp fun!

Off./Def. Strategy Section 

Man-to-Man, Zone, Motion, Continuity, Pace and Space

Coaching Templates

Practice Plan, Scouting, Court Diagrams, Interview Q's



After Time Outs, Tip Off Plays, End of Game Situations

What Coaches Are Saying About The Lab

“I love your website.”

"I have to say. I love your website and find it tremendously useful and easy to find things.  You have more than just X’s and O’s. I've shared this website with other coaches. Thanks again!"
Coach Correnti
- Varsity Girls Basketball Coach

“Here's what the perfect testimonial looks like..."

"Just wanted to thank you for all the resources you’ve put together and are providing! I just worked my way through all your 3v3 stuff this morning and wow! Tonight is night one of our middle school skills & drills that I do every Wednesday in October (I started this last year). I will be using a lot of your 3 on 3 framework to guide what we are doing with our four sessions (we may add a 5th)." 

Coach Woods
- Varsity Girls Basketball Coach

Implementing The Force Baseline Defense

"We worked on jumping to the ball last night...  The neat thing was that every time we got a baseline trap, we got a traveling violation.  I told the boys we would likely get a lot of those if we executed properly.  Thanks again for your help.
Coach Schlauder
- Middle School Basketball Coach

"A huge change in our program..."

"Coach Matt Dennis's shooting  [program] has been a huge point of emphasis... and that's made a huge change in our program in just a couple of months. I'm really appreciative for that."

Coach Chase
- Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

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